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Why not to go with Free Web Hosting?

When I was creating my first website I was looking for a free web hosting provider for it. I have tried the best 3 free web hosts and you can read below how was my experience with them. All these free web hosting companies are 100% free with no any ads. Yes, I know that there are many other free web hosting providers than just these 3, but all of them have a catch – e.g. you have to be an active member on their forum or you have to place their banner on your website, etc. I have done a lot of research on more webmaster forums about which free web hosts are the best and I found the following 3 ones, but even these 3 are not 100% good – I will tell you why and why it is better to go with a paid web host.

I have been hosting my personal website with some photos with Everything was working fine until they canceled my website with no reason and when you visited my subdomain, it was redirected to the homepage. So because of this I do not recommend you to go with them. It was a good free web host for me, but only for some time.

The biggest disadvantage of freehostia is that you need your own domain for your free hosting account. They do not provide free subdomains, so you will have to register a domain. I was hosting with them one my website that was powered by WordPress, but the database of my website was often down and this caused that my website didn't load at all. is probably the best out of these 3 free web hosts – they provide you with free subdomain and you can also host with them a WordPress powered website. However, the greatest problem of 000webhost is that you need to have 10 unique visitors per month on your website. Otherwise your web hosting account will be deleted.


If you are really serious about creating a website, I would definitely recommend you to pay a few dollars per month for a decent paid hosting provider.

Andrej, web designer